2018 RCSA World Championship

This past weekend my dad, my sister, and I drove from East Texas to Cross Timbers, Missouri for the RCSA Rimfire Challenge World Championship. This match was my first to compete as a junior. When I moved out of the youth category, I also started competing against my sister. As anyone with siblings know, things can get pretty competitive between sisters.

On Saturday, Shooting USA interviewed me about the strong hand stage. John Allchin and Tim Norris offered me some tips on the proper stance and muscle alignment. This was the first time I’ve shot strong hand and I was proud with how it turned out.

There was eight rifle stages and eight pistol stages. These were some of the most unique stages that I’ve ever shot in my eighteen months of steel shooting. The prone stage was my favorite, which is surprising, because it was my first time to shoot in a prone position.

I had no malfunctions Saturday or Sunday with either my rifle or pistol. That is probably thanks to my dad for cleaning my guns before the match and maintaining them. I made a commitment to help clean my own guns from here on out. 🙂 It is a lot of work to keep them running smoothly.

I think I did great placing 5th in Ladies Limited and 9th in Ladies Open. Congratulations to my sister for placing 3rd in Ladies Limited and 6th in Ladies Open.

Congratulations to the Overall Champion Kolby Pavlock, High Lady Mackenzie Bragg, High Junior Cole Busch, High Youth Kaitlin Benthin and all the other winners. It was a great match!

The staff did an awesome job with this event. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

I had a very fun time and made many new friends. I hope to see each of you next year for the 2019 RCSA World Championship in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Next week I will be blogging about the TN State Steel Championship match at Dead Zero Shooting Park. This will be my first Steel Challenge Tier II match. I am super excited! Stay tuned!

Photo Credit: Oleg Volk – Volk Studio

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