2018 Dead Zero Tennessee Steel Challenge Championship

Early before our chickens were even up, we set out for a small town in Tennessee. This was going to be an exciting weekend. I can honestly say it didn’t let me down at all. After riding for over 650 miles and over 10 hours of drive time, we finally arrived at our hotel for the night. The next morning, we headed out to the Dead Zero Shooting Park for the Dead Zero Tennessee Steel Challenge Championship which took place on October 20th-21st.

This shoot was special in that it was my first Tier II Steel Challenge match. I have only had a little practice with a couple of the stages. Our local range typically only shoots six of the same steel challenge stages. With this match I was able to shoot all eight stages. I was looking forward to the challenge.

When we arrived, we stopped to check in. The facility was nice and cozy. After checking in, my dad, my sister and I drove around to the shooting bays. This range is extremely well laid out. It also has a beautiful pond and scenery.

After lunch on the first day, we started with outer limits with our pistols. After completing all the stages I felt pretty good on how I performed. I was looking forward to raising my classification.

On the second day we shot our rifles. It went very smooth and everyone finished up quickly. This match was ran very efficient. It was great to see all my shooting friends and to meet new ones. I am always blown away by how nice everyone is in our shooting community. Y’all are wonderful!

Overall, I was pleased with my performance with this being my first big Steel Challenge match. I placed 2nd in Ladies RFPI, 3rd in Ladies RFPO, 3rd in Ladies RFRI and 3rd in Ladies RFRO.

Congratulations to all category and division winners. Great shooting by all!

The match director, staff, volunteers all did an outstanding job. If you couldn’t make it this year, try to catch this match next year. It will be worth the trip to Tennessee!

Category and Division Awards


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