2019 World Speed Shooting Championship

This past week I attended the Sig Sauer World Speed Championship. This was my first time going to the event. The CMP Marksmanship park was impressive. Wednesday morning flight I shot my pistols in both the optic and iron divisions.

 On Thursday I spent the day meeting several people and taking pictures. I hope everyone enjoyed them on my Facebook page. One thing you notice about the competition events, is that the events are like huge family gatherings. People who haven’t seen each other are getting together and having a great time. It is easy to feel intimidated by those you see as shooting legends like Max Michel, but they are really nice and are always willing to take a picture with you when you ask them.

For those who are contemplating whether they should sign up for a match, please do. Trust me, you will be glad that you did.

On Friday I had the privilege to sit at the Hunters HD Gold booth for a while.  I was able to help clean glasses with Z-Clear paste and spray. I also talked to people about Hunters HD Gold demo guns!

Sunday morning, I shot my rimfire rifle optics and irons. It was my best performance as of yet. I am very proud of my times. My favorite part of the day was when I was shooting my optic rifle and my battery ran out! I decided that since the string was going to be my throw out anyway, I might as well have fun with it! I tried to see how many of the plates I could hit without the dot, I got all of them but the fourth and didn’t empty my mag! I ended up finishing the stage with my sisters RFRO rifle with the Match Directors approval, of course. Luckily my dad was there to change out the battery for me while I finished shooting! Once I finished up, I talked to the other competitors for a while then headed up to the clubhouse to eat some snacks and talk with everyone.

The award ceremony was exceptional, and everyone shot wonderfully!

Congrats to all of the world record holders!!

I placed 1st in Master class with my RFRO, 2nd place Ladies Division RFRO, 2nd Ladies Division RFRI, 4th place Ladies Division RFPO and RFPI divisions.

Thank you to my wonderful sponsors who have helped me along the way: Hunters HD Gold, Tactical Solutions, Vortex Optics, Quarter Circle 10, TandemKross, Striplin Custom Gunworks, UltimateTargets.com, ETTS, Hodgdon Powder, and Ally Outfitters.

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