2019 Georgia State Steel Challenge Match

This was the most entertaining shoot I’ve ever been to and probably ever will attend.

I started the match with shooting my RFPO and RFPI on Friday morning. Not much rain happened that morning and it felt amazing! However that afternoon was when the rain decided to come in.

The squad Bridget, my Dad, and I were RO’ing only had one stage left. You could see the huge storm cloud moving towards us. The wind was blowing tarps and dust everywhere, it was like a tornado was coming. The heavy rain and lightning decided to join in and soon everyone was loaded up in the safety of their cars. We were able to help Brian with Hunters HD Gold to keep his tent down and secure everything through the bad parts of the storm. Once it was only rain with occasional lightning, Bridget and I stayed with Brian while we were all waiting to finish shooting. Once it finally stopped lightning everyone was able to finish their last stage.

On Saturday morning I shot my RFRO and RFRI and I was really happy about shooting a new personal best on Outer Limits. At WSSC I was able to get a 14.06 and hold the record on the stage for Ladies RFRI. Here I got a 12.54 and took 1.52 seconds off my time.

Saturday afternoon was a wild one! Just a few minutes before everyone was about to start shooting we saw lightning. We all ended up under the covered area just talking and eating. It never did stop storming or lightning so around 2:30 pm they decided that it would be best to call off the afternoon flight. All the shooters who would’ve shot the flight ended up staying for Sunday morning and finish shooting.

I had an amazing time at this match! I couldn’t have had such a great experience without my friends, and shooting family there with me.

I’ll see everyone next time!

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