2019 RCSA World Championship

This past weekend was the 2019 RCSA World Championship! Our drive to Fort Smith, Arkansas went quite well. The shoot was a great match where I got to see much of my shooting family.

However, none of us expected the cold when we arrived to the range on Friday morning. Thankfully, due to a quick Thursday night stop at Academy, we didn’t freeze! We were able to visit with many of the shooters before the side matches started! When the Tandemkross side match, No Holds Barred started at 1p.m. we all watched as the competitors competed until it came to be my turn. I was able to win my first round.l, then my second round Mackenzie came and we were tied! She was able to take the win! She’s an amazing shooter and it was well deserved!

A little after I finished the TK side match, I went to shoot the Steel Target Paint side match. For this side match you had to load only 5 rounds in both rifle and pistol. I ended up shooting all of the targets including the bonus star which took 2 seconds off my time. I placed 2nd out of the Junior shooters category!

I had a great squad with Cole, Larry, Kurt, Sydney, Timothy, and other friends. This amazing squad made this match one of the most memorable.

Once we got to the range on Saturday morning we helped Brian from Hunters HD Gold set up. Afterwards we started the match with the pistol stages and ended the day with two rifle stages. Once we all finished shooting we were all super tired. It was a great day and I couldn’t wait to finish the rifle stages on Sunday!

On Sunday we got an 8a.m. start to shooting. It ended up being an amazing day! Partly because Grant and Rebekah brought us their extra donuts. Plus, I’m happy to say I finished up placing 5th in Lady Open and 3rd in Lady Limited!

Thank you to all of the match sponsors and to all of the staff. This was my last major match of the year. I’m very glad I was able to finish my season off with this wonderful shoot.

I’ll see most of you next year, and some of you soon!

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