VF Ranch Hunt

Guess who had a great time hunting this weekend! Only the same person that’s always somewhere different every weekend! This time of year is always really busy.

I had an awesome time hunting in Sonora this weekend. My dad, sister, and I drove to the VF Ranch on Friday for our last TYHP hunt of the year. Well the last one that we will be hunting on, the others we will be volunteering on. With that being said I was happy to tag out this hunt! I’ve now harvested 7 Whitetail and 2 Blackbuck does. Now if only I could catch an Aoudad… Anyways, back to the hunt!

On Saturday morning Mrs. Carol and I sat in the Tyler blind together. We saw one young Whitetail, then after a bit we saw some the antelope in the brush. There were 4 does and 1 buck, the does slowly made their way out one by one. One of the does were still young, the others were full grown. We then spotted out which was bigger and once we found her I started tracking my shot. When she was down the other does ran about 30 yards right of the feeder and then started looking around for what happened. Then we decided to spot the next biggest one, I tracked her, shot and took it.

My dad and I sat in the Chase stand together on Saturday evening. This was my favorite blind out of the three I sat in. The stand was elevated and it was on a hill. We had a nice birds-eye view of our spot. Only 15 minutes after we got situated, 2 mature Whitetail does, a young doe, and a yearling doe came out. I got my rifle ready as they grazed around some brush before going back in behind a set of trees. So I moved to the right opening to watch while my dad watched the left opening. They came out of the left opening and stayed in a tight group before heading into another batch of trees. Soon after the mature doe started walking out with the others following behind. I kept my crosshairs on her while I waited for her to stop walking and when she did I got the perfect shot at 3:50 pm. Then we waited and watched bucks, the same three does, and a new doe and yearling. At about 4:30 pm a mature doe came out and started toward the feeder. Then before she got clear she went back into the brush. Mind you this happened for 30 minutes. Once she finally came out and gave me a shot I took it. Now I had officially tagged out. It’s an amazing feeling knowing you’ve tagged out. Then you realize you can’t hunt anymore, but it’s still a great feeling!

So on Sunday morning my dad, sister, and I all shared a blind while my sister hunted. A doe came out with a fawn so we left them alone. Then they went into the brush and left us alone again. A while after that another fawn and doe came out. They stayed for awhile before we spotted two mature does to the far right. Bridget was getting turned and ready when they decided to go into the woods and never come out. So we went back to watching the doe and fawn. A nice 8 point buck joined them for a long time before he left. About 20 minutes after he left the doe and fawn left as well. 10 minutes before no shoot my dad spotted a Whitetail doe behind us, so my sister started getting ready. However, right before the doe got into shooting range she turned and walked farther from the blind. But then he saw some Blackbucks! They were walking right into Bridgets shooting range, then they were in it. We soon called out the biggest one and Bridget was going to take her. However she never stopped grazing and Bridget wasn’t comfortable with the shot and they went back into the brush. We packed up and headed back to camp.

Then we ate breakfast, packed up, cleaned up the house and all started talking and saying our goodbyes.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered and came to this hunt! Thank you to Arthur and Carol for being the hunt masters. Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Hill for allowing us to hunt on your beautiful ranch. And lastly to TYHP and everyone who supports them.

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