Georgia State Steel Challenge Championship

If you are a competitor in any way like me, then you probably know that a good venue, great food, and awesome people, are all you need to make an amazing event.
This is why Griffin Gun Club in Griffin, Georgia holds one of my favorite Steel Challenge matches.

On Wednesday, my dad, sister, and I took our new RV to Georgia. However, before we left that morning I realized that the RV didn’t have Sirius XM or Bluetooth. Which meant that I needed CD’s. So I grabbed the few I had and then I saw my dad had two of his CD cases. Great minds truly do think alike.
After we said our goodbyes to our Mom and our dogs, we set off to our long 16 hours drive on the road. We left around 8 AM and then we had finally arrived at the range around 11:40 PM.
We woke up at 7 AM the next morning to get everything ready for the RO’s to shoot. So far Thursday wasn’t looking too bad. After lunch we all decided to start shooting. That’s when the weather decided to start taking all of its problems out on us. So, when we started shooting it was nonstop rain until we stopped shooting. But, I still had an awesome time shooting my PCCI, PCCO, and CO in my first 8 stage match with them.

With both of my Pistol Caliber Carbines (PCC), I was hoping to shoot in the low 80’s. I ended with an 83.82 with PCCI and a 79.47 with PCCO! I was extremely happy about getting in the 70s with my PCCO! My Carry Optic (CO), time ended as a 157.14. I was pretty happy with that time considering I haven’t shot Carry Optics much.
After we woke up on Friday morning, Bridget and I got our wagon loaded with our rimfire rifles. Then went to go talk to Brian with Hunters HD Gold until it was time to shoot. We always enjoy getting to catch up with him at matches. When we got to our squads, Bridget and I shot our Rimfire Rifle Open (RFRO), and Rimfire Rifle Iron (RFRI). I shot a 75.84 with RFRO and a 74.93 with RFRI.
At lunch we ate some great food with the McCoys and then got ready to shoot our rimfire pistols. Our Scorpion pistols ran effortlessly and I had a great time shooting them. We had just received them in a week or two before the match. It was a great transition and they proved very capable.
After we finished shooting on Friday evening we went to Steve Foster’s house to join everyone in the Annual Feast. I had an amazing time seeing everyone and hanging out with Issa, Reagan, Grant, Vanessa, and many other people!
Saturday morning started with us heading to the clubhouse to see what stages each of us were starting on to RO. I started on Outer Limits for my first flight and then on Roundabout for my second flight. I had wonderful squads to RO! Each time I am able to RO, I learn something new. If you haven’t had the chance, I encourage you to get the training. It is a worthwhile experience.

The ceremony on Saturday night had an amazing prize table! It was a great night to get some last goodbyes before the match ended. The worse part of the matches are saying goodbyes. However, we know it won’t be long before we get to come together again!

Much love to all the Steel Challenge Family! – Emily



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