2019 Mississippi State Steel Challenge Championship

This past weekend was the very first Mississippi State Steel Challenge Championship.  On Friday morning we shot with the McCoy’s. Bridget and I shot our pistols, while our dad shot the Tippmann M4/22 rifles. I improved my pistol times from the Alabama State Steel Challenge Championship!

While in Hattiesburg for the event, we stayed at the beautiful Paul B. Johnson State Park. Our site was lake side and there were many ducks in the water. Stella, my fur baby, enjoyed watching the ducks, geese, songbirds, and squirrels in the park.

On Saturday morning my dad and I were stationary RO’s on the stage Speed Option. We were able to talk to everyone as their squads came through the stage. For Saturday afternoons flight Bridget and I were traveling RO’s together. James, Grant, and Raegan are a few of the people we were with that evening. Our squad started out on Speed Option and ended on Outer Limits. I enjoyed my time RO’ing and chatting with the squad.

Bridget and I shot our rifles on Sunday morning and I ended up in the 70’s with RFRI and RFRO! Once again, we got to shoot with the McCoy’s!

I enjoyed shooting the One Second Challenge and I was able to get down to a .97 with the stock iron sighted Tippmann. Tippmann Arms sponsored this side match and sent the range a rifle they could use for it.

At the Award Ceremony, Elizabeth Young and Chet Alvord teamed up to donate a Tactical Solutions 10/22. It was given away to one of the fifteen youth shooters at the match.  Tippmann Arms donated two of their M4/22’s to be given away to the winner of the One Second Challenge, Grant Kunkel, and one to be given away for a random drawing.

Thank you to Nick Brandt and all the others who made this match possible. Special thanks to the match sponsors, Hunters HD Gold, Tippmann Arms, Team Match Tracker, Steel Target Paint, Tandemkross, Montana Gold Bullets, Volquartson Firearms, Range Runner, Springfield Armory, Tactical Solutions, Pine Burr Area Council, RangeStore.net, MCE Digital Armory, Range Tactical Gear, Firehouse Subs, and Dr. Elizabeth Young!

2019 Mississippi Plaques (2).jpg

Sat Afternoon Squad pic 2019 Mississippi.jpg

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